Friday, August 21, 2009

linentracker RFID system revolutionizes hospitality industry

LOS ANGELES, USA: At a time when hotels are experiencing countless challenges, Linen Technology Tracking, LLC. announces the launch of a cost savings opportunity for the hospitality industry: linentracker, its Radio Frequency Identification (RFID) system.

In the hospitality industry, one of the largest expenses of room occupancy is linen supplies. Major hotel brands are operating without knowing the true cost of these supplies and with limited control of inventories that shrink because of theft, laundry damage and normal wear and tear. Linentracker provides the needed control by monitoring these movable assets as they travel throughout the property.

“Our proprietary patented technology integrates passive UHF Radio Frequency Identification technology with high performance smart tags (Gen2) that withstand commercial washing, drying and pressing,” said Jonathan Eisenberg, Vice President, Sourcing Operations.

The system is a turnkey solution that enables tracking and monitoring of all linen assets as they move throughout the hotel. Customized software is the engine that accounts for all item specific smart tags and shows their location and history in real time.

This information can be accessed by hotel management through the linentracker dashboard. As a result, hotel management will be able to record the current loss, age of their inventory and up to date inventory counts. This information will assist properties and provide specific quality controls to make sure the room presentation is consistent across specific brand standards, ultimately enhancing the guest experience.

Early assessments have shown that the linentracker system enables hotels to streamline the flow of expensive linen. Hotels believe the system will greatly improve linen utilization, reduce costs, and increase their ability to meet guest satisfaction goals.

“We are confident that when full deployment of the linentracker system is achieved, it will revolutionize how linen is managed in the hotel environment by taking greater control of inventories, purchasing less products and reducing costs all around,” said William Serbin, Executive Vice President, linentracker.

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