Tuesday, August 30, 2011

V-locity 3 virtual platform disk optimizer released at VMworld

LAS VEGAS, USA: Diskeeper Corp. released the new V-locity 3 virtual platform disk optimizer for VMware at VMworld. V-locity 3 delivers invisible background optimization to give maximum I/O performance on virtual servers.

V-locity 3 now has full integration with VMware ESXi as well as existing support for other platforms such as ESX, and Microsoft Hyper-V. Other developments include V-Aware technology which detects external resource usage from other virtual machines on the virtual platform and eliminates resource contention that would otherwise exist on the same Host Server.

New CogniSAN technology detects external resource usage within a shared storage system, such as a SAN, and allows for transparent optimization by never competing for resources utilized by other VMs over the same storage infrastructure. CogniSAN does this without intruding in any way into SAN-layer operations. Lastly is the new automatic space reclamation which is a powerful engine that zeros out unused data blocks on virtual disks and makes virtual disk compaction easy.

V-locity 3 is like a virtual doctor that eliminates many of the chronic pains servers experience: I/O bottlenecks, slow VMs, slow migration, resource conflicts, wasted storage space, slow backup speeds and many more.

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