Wednesday, August 31, 2011

TiVUS announces global distributor network through strategic partnership with TEL

OMAHA, USA: TiVUS Inc. has established a comprehensive hotel industry distributor network to thoroughly, quickly, and efficiently reach its target market within the hospitality entertainment industry through its new strategic partnership with TEL electronics inc.

"I am pleased to announce this vital strategic partnership with TEL," commented Phil Marriott, TiVUS' executive vice-president of sales. "TEL brings over 33 years of experience in hotel communication technology sales, is well-known, and much respected within the hospitality electronics industry.

"As thousands of hotel properties have now been chain-mandated to upgrade to high-definition television (HDTV), the strategy of distributing through entrenched hotel vendors already providing other electronics and software needs is paramount to rapidly seizing market share; and, is made possible only through the leverage of TEL's established relationships.

"In this way, TiVUS expects to both rapidly gain access to desirable hotel properties as well as mitigate the need to fund, train and field a large sales force," Marriott concluded.

Shiva Prakash, TIVUS' president and CEO, commented: "I believe Phil Marriott's and TEL's continued development of this solid distribution network will favorably position our HD IPTV with ad-insertion solution in front of virtually every desirably hotel property throughout North America; furthermore, we believe this strategy to be the most efficient method of rapidly establishing significant market share."

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