Tuesday, January 1, 2013

Massive Dynamics finalizing arrangements to offer WEB 4.0 Android tablet

USA: Massive Dynamics Inc. announced that company management is executing final arrangements to offer a new breakthrough computing tablet that works on the Google Android operating system.

The company management believes this move will give the company access to the potential 210 million tablets forecast by Digitimes to be sold in 2013.

According to the forecast, 70 million tablets will come from companies other than Apple Inc., Samsung Electronics and Microsoft Corp. With that size of market available for a Massive Dynamics entry, management believes this new tablet can capture a sizeable portion of these estimated 2013 sales.

According to management, this new tablet is in line with the company's focus on lucrative new WEB 4.0 technology as it can receive information and instructions without its user having to touch the tablet or use a peripheral device of any kind.

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