Wednesday, November 21, 2012

Wipro joins Car Connectivity Consortium

INDIA: Wipro Technologies has joined the Car Connectivity Consortium (CCC), to develop smartphone-based connected-car solutions. The Car Connectivity Consortium is a body dedicated to developing cross-industry collaboration global standards and solutions for smartphone and in-vehicle connectivity.

Members of the CCC include the world leaders in auto manufacturing, mobile communications and consumer electronics. MirrorLinkĂ”, a technology standard created by the consortium, ensures seamless communication between compliant smartphones and in-car systems like steering wheels, dashboard buttons and screens.

“The CCC is very pleased to have Wipro as a member,” said Mika Rytkonen, chairman and president of the CCC.  “Like all of our members, Wipro has demonstrated vision and foresight by supporting MirrorLinkTM. Wipro is a world leader in product engineering solutions and we look forward to the company’s contributions to the connected car industry.”

“We support Wipro in its spirit of collaboration to offer drivers and passengers a truly integrated connected driving experience in the future,” said Shoji Suzuki from Clarion Co. Ltd, Japan, a leading manufacturer of in-car infotainment systems, also a core member of CCC. “Wipro’s deep experience in automotive infotainment and mobile technologies will help the consortium build industry standard solutions for the growing market.”

“Membership in the Car Connectivity Consortium is the logical next step in our endeavor to create the best driving experience for consumers. We’ve been working on similar technology for more than two years and have built solutions for interfacing with Terminal Mode and Non-Terminal Mode mobile devices. Our membership in CCC will further enable us to provide MirrorLinkTM certified well tested and up to date solutions quickly to our customers.” said John Slosar, GM, Automotive Electronics, Wipro Technologies. “We envision a world where built-in and brought-in devices in a car work in perfect harmony with each other. We are excited about the prospect of collaborating with the connected car ecosystem to realize this goal.”

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