Monday, November 5, 2012

Reshuffle of LCD monitor sizes in 2013 with new size debuts

TAIWAN: According to WitsView, the display research division of TrendForce, the development in LCD monitor market in 2013 would tend to be conservative. From the view of the demand side:

* Global economy still shows full of uncertainties and consumers face constraints in spending;
* The LCD monitor, as a peripheral product to PC, is estimated to be squeezed by the hot selling tablets and smart phones even the market highly anticipates Win8’s success;
* As products move toward thin style, the markets of Desktop and monitor are threatened with Utrabook and Utra-like NBs seeing price drops.

From the view of the supply side, panel makers strategically shift capacities to high profitability products such as LCD TVs and tablets, resulting in a continuously decreasing LCD monitor panel production. Due to the factors mentioned above, the global LCD monitors (AIO included) show a constant decline in shipments in 2013. WitsView forecasts that, the global LCD monitor shipment, including AIO, would reach around 165 million units in 2013, declining by 2.8 percent YoY.

Among which, the monitors would amount to 151 million units, declining by 3.7 percent YoY, while the AIO would see a shipment of 14 million units and a YoY growth of 8.1 percent.
There would be changes in the LCD monitor market in 2013 given the new sizes will be unveiled. Among the new sizes, the 19.5”W products attract brand makers’ most attention mainly because 19.5”W comes between 18.5”W and 20”W. Based on WitsView’s estimates, in 2012 the three sizes 18.5”W, 19”W, and 20”W account for 44 percent of the overall monitor shipment, and the replacement effect cannot be overlooked.

For panel makers, 19.5”W in Gen 6 fab can reach the same cutting advantage of 24 cuts as 18.5”W, possessing an extremely high glass cutting efficiency. In 2012, only CMI has started to mass-produce 19.5”W, but LGD and AUO would join the arena in 2013, possibly lifting 19.5”W’s market share to above 7 percent.

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