Wednesday, November 25, 2009

Strategy Analytics on appealing automotive entertainment features

BOSTON, USA: A recent Strategy Analytics survey of vehicle owners in the USA and Western Europe found that drivers increasingly want to be able to use their own devices, such as iPods and MP3 players, via their vehicle’s stereo system. However, in-car AM/FM radios and CD players continue to be the most essential entertainment equipment.

“In both the US and UK, consumers prefer an audio-in connector to stream music from their personal players through the in-vehicle stereo,” commented Chris Schreiner, Senior Analyst at Strategy Analytics. “Consumers in France and Germany, however, preferred a USB connection.”

Kevin Nolan, Vice President of the Strategy Analytics User Experience Practice, added, “In the UK, digital radio also showed positive levels of usage, interest and consumer satisfaction.”

Details may be found in the Strategy Analytics Automotive Consumer Insights (ACI) report: “Consumers Want Entertainment Device Connectivity.”

Additional findings from this research include:
* 83 percent of consumers listen to their AM/FM radio in their vehicle at least once a week, while 65 percent listen to their CD player once a week, or more;
* 22 percent of consumers in the US consider an audio-in connector a necessity when purchasing their next vehicle; and
* 22 percent of consumers in the UK consider digital radio to be essential.

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