Friday, June 12, 2009

Exterity's new IPTV encoder for IP networks

EDINBURGH, SCOTLAND: Exterity, a specialist in network IPTV, has upgraded its existing AV Encoder and today launched the new Exterity IPTV Encoder.

The new MPEG-2 encoding module is blade-based, and unlike the previous AV Encoder, is able to support widescreen encoding (16:9 aspect ratio). It allows content from devices such as a digital camera, satellite set-top box or DVD player to be streamed as a channel on the building’s IP network, and is ideal for use as part of any IPTV deployment.

Working with MPEG-2 encoding standards, the IPTV Encoder supports RGBS video, composite and S-Video inputs using phono and S-Video connectors. The channels generated by the IPTV encoders can be viewed using an IPTV receiver or a networked PC using a streaming video client application such as Exterity’s AvediaCentre.

The new IPTV Encoder is available exclusively in a modular blade format. The blade format means that field upgrade, expansion and replacement is fast and easy, eliminating the need for system downtime during maintenance.

The new encoder can also support the French analogue TV system SECAM, so that organisations, for example within the education sector, can capture French satellite feeds to provide foreign language TV to staff and students in a cost effective way.

“Our new IPTV encoder provides a flexible, low cost and efficient means for organisations to stream high quality TV around a building. It was developed in response to customer demand for a product capable of supporting a variety of video inputs and an impressive widescreen aspect ratio. This new encoder enables customers to display content in the format most suited to them,” comments Colin Farquhar, CEO of Exterity.

He added: “Its low power consumption means that it is environmentally friendly, and its ability to prioritise channels in the event of network congestion means that the product can be relied upon to provide uninterrupted service, which is essential in a high end deployment.”

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